Southeast Louisiana Veterans Health Care System Medical Center Activation Transition Simulation Outpatient Education Services

New Orleans Health Center


On September 30, 2016, Visionary Consulting Partners, LLC provided services to support the Medical Center Activation Transitional Simulation Outpatient Education Services contract from the Department of Veterans Affairs, Southeast Louisiana Veterans Health Care System (SLVHCS) to provide consultation, coordination, and delivery of Simulation and Supplementary Education Services needed to orient and train SLVHCS staff for the transition of the outpatient services to the new medical center located at 2400 Canal St., New Orleans, LA.


The primary goal of Simulation and Supplementary Education Services was to assist in the Activation of Outpatient Clinics within the new Medical Center on 2400 Canal St., New Orleans, Louisiana through the execution of several scenarios that focus on patient safety, employee safety, and process, procedures and operational flow within each outpatient clinic, and several common areas within the facility.


Scenario Identification and Writing – Visionary’s team of Project Management professionals and Clinical Subject Matter Experts consulted with SLVHCS Simulation Program staff to identify/select processes within each clinic to assess, through the use of several realistic scenarios that aim to simulate typical daily workflow patient and staff experience and emergency scenarios within the clinics.


Go-Live Pre-Assessments – The Visionary team played a vital role in the execution and management of scenarios as written. Our team’s activities included the preparation of and constant guidance to confederates supplied by the VA throughout the simulations, set-up of the clinics and debrief areas to properly execute the scenarios and effectively capture participant feedback, comprehensive facilitation of scenario debriefs, coordination with SLVHCS leadership and staff, and participation as confederates as required by the scenarios written.


Go-Live Re-Assessments – Re-assessments were conducted on identified clinics, as requested by SLVHCS leadership. Re-assessment activities often included the re-use of scenarios presented during the Pre-Assessment or the development of new scenarios to test other areas of focus identified during the Pre-Assessment.

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